Mel & Tim A million lights are dancing And there you are A shooting star!


tim mel W print-073 copy I know Im a bearded “tough” dude with vintage choppers and stuff, I love denim and can talk about wedding dresses with the best of them, but heres the real truth. I love the movie Xanadu.

What has Mel & Tims wedding got to do with Olivia newton john and rollerskates and Tron like special effects. erm

Well its a love story and erm theres two cute people in love and … they like dancing.

Shazam, I know what it is. Its the feeling you get at the end, that Love feeling and when Im round these two I get that feeling. Maybe you could say the same about dirty dancing or (insert favourite love story movie here) but for me its just Xanadu.


Megan and Luke and the only nice spring day.



Im posting this wedding not just because its beaut but because I’m proud of these guys.

Megan has been living withe Mel and I since she was in year 12, about 3 years. In that time weve seen Luke and megan grow to love each other through good and tough times.

Megan Is a mega awesome planning machine and Luke is her super power support. So much of this wedding and previous engagement party was hand made my megan, luke and well all of us.

Perfect sunny day, awesome people culminating in the most awesome outside hang and sip a drink afternoon since last summer. Oh and that awesome moment when we all sang Africa by TOTO! Gold.

Enough talk take a look.




Wedding dress- Linda goring couture
Hair piece and jewellery- Linda gorringe couture
Brides and bridesmaid shoes- tony bianco
Flowers- Amy’s flowers
Make up- Paula dee makeup
Hair- seta hair and make up
Bridesmaid dresses- dangerfield
Grooms suit- jack London
Grooms shoes- myer
Groomsmen suits - top shop
Cakes- melbourne bake house
Church- albert park baptist church
Reception- sandbar beach cafe

Tea favours- tea leaves, sassafras

Balloons- celebrating occasions
Personalized stamp for favours- paper sushi, etsy
Tie clips were by hibiscus days
Robes were by bridesmaids robes
Favour bags were from Tias dresses
And Jonnys bow tie was from lolly Lu designs, etsy
Cake stands- made by groom