Bess and Olly met in thailand when they both volunteered for an NGO called Destiny rescue who rescue and rehabilitate children enslaved in brothels. Its so rad when you meet your soul mate doing something important that you both love.

here is part one of their wedding, the preparations. Stay tuned for more.



Photos Corey E Sleap, close friend

Bridal gown Self- designed, made in Bangkok at Nickermanns Tailoring

Veil / hair piece: no veil, Flower Crown by HeadCandy

Shoes- Wittners Gold boots

Flowers- Tanya Tibben, close friend

Rings- 60 yr old family engagement ring (lost in Bangkok for 3 months), Bess’ Wedding band: Filigree,, Ollys ring: op shop

Jewellery/Accessories- Polymer earrings for Bess and her maids: Made By Morton

Bridesmaids dresses- all sorted from Forever New and Review

Grooms suit- Designed and made in Bangkok at Nickermanns Tailoring, Suspenders from H&M Bangkok

Grooms Shoes- he has no idea. A seconds store in New Zealand years ago!

Groomsmen suits- boys wore their own dark pants, shoes and white shirts. Suspenders from H&M Bangkok.

Bow ties / ties- ebay, hong kong store: next-star2008

Ceremony Kyneton Baptist Church, 43 Ebden St Kyneton Victoria

Reception Kyneton Mechanics Institute, 81 Mollison St Kyneton Victoria.

Catering Close friends stepmum, Angie Lloyd. Phenomenal cuisine artist!

Reception stylist / any decorations / details: DIY. Pompoms, fairylights, personal placecards & letters

Stationery designer James Kilpatrick and Mark Davie, close friends.

Hair and Make up Hair by Seta Williamstown. Make up- Nicole Budiman, close friend

Music- Mark Davie and Sally Lloyd, close friends. Zac Terry, a friend and Bess created dance playlist.

Celebrant- Pastor Tim Loftis of Suburban Baptist Church.

Transport- Danny Velja and his bus transporting the 41 New Zealand guests from Melbourne to Kyneton! Plus carloads of friends with Alex Venn driving an ex family Triumph.

Cinematographer Joanna Boothby, close friend.